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0) You :

So be sure to ALWAYS use your Alias (and not your REAL NAME) in any Email sent to IWC Members.
---> ex: Do you know my Real Name Stephane Grateau ? "Probably not" and my Alias PanzerStef ? "Surely yes"!
Search for your Alias on the PLAYERS LISTS in  IWC SSI STARS

1) Find an Opponent :

---> Notice the Alias, Countries, Languages spoken (French, English, German and Spanish) and Gips (Games in Play)
2) Or Post a message on the IWC SSI STAR BOARDS asking for opponents.
---> Don't forget the name of the game you want to play (ex:PG2)
3) Or Email me PanzerStef for some opponents (or to play a Practise Game with me)
--->I will give you the name of some Players and their Skill Level ( Novice / Moderate / Expert)

Email the chosen player asking him if he want to play with you, including :
* The name of the game you want to play (ex: PG2)
* The name of the I.W.C. club (as some players are also members in other clubs).
* Your frequency to play ("Daily", "3 times a week", "Weekly")
* Your Skill Level, either "novice, moderate or expert".

PLEASE ALWAYS ANSWER TO EVERY EMAIL you receive, even if you don't want (have time) to play : You will need only 30 seconds to say : "Sorry i dont want (have time) to play" This is a BASIC PRINCIPLE of POLITENESS.

2) Choose a Scenario and the Setting:

You have just found an Opponent. You now need to choose a Scenario and the Settings:
The PG2 Settings are a percentage of the prestige given in normal games (ex -> 200% give you twice prestige)
The Settings are used to make the game More Balanced (ex : Ciechanow : 050% Germany - 200% Poland)

Go to the  PG2 SCENARIO SETTINGS Webpage.

Advice : STUDY a scenario before playing it with another player:
How ? Simply start a game with 2 human players and play it from both sides. Or play it against computer....
You must notice the armies (and their locations), the victory conditions, the reinforcements....and the Best Strategy to use...

3) Rules :

You have just found a Scenario. You need to choose a Rule :
There is 3 Rules currently used at IWC club:
Read the IWC RULES Webpage for more details or Email me if you have some questions.


  • 1 Game to Play (Attacker or Defender).
  • 1 Game to Register (by only one player, not both).
  • 1 Result to Register (by only one player (usually the winner), not both).
  • The points awarded will depend on the rank of the players...
  • New Players : Avoid this rule. It can be an easy trap as some scenario are not balanced.

  • MIRROR :
  • 2 Games to Play (The SAME Scenario to play from Both Sides)
  • 2 Games to Register (by only one player, not both)--> Please use the words MIRROR1 & MIRROR2 as comment.
  • 2 Results to Register (by only one player (usually the winner), not both)
  • The points awarded will depend on the rank of the players...
  • New Players : I suggest you use this Rule for your first games...a good way to collect  Defeats AND Victories.

  • DUEL :
  • 2 Games to Play (The SAME Scenario to play from Both Sides)
  • 1 Game to Register (by only one player, not both) ---> Please use the word DUEL as comment.
  • 1 Result to Register (by only one player (usually the winner), not both)
  • The Result of the DUEL is based on the results of the 2 games ---> see the IWC Rules Webpages
  • This rule is more interesting for Expert Players in order to collect Only VICTORIES...

  • 4) Start and Play the Game :

    You can start the Game now.
    Please ALWAYS QUIT PG2 and (RE) RUN PG2 before starting ANY NEW PG2 GAME.
    Read the BUG section for more details...

    At Least you can play now.
    You can't do everything, you need to use the FAIR-PLAY RULES --> READ PG2 ALLOWED or FORBIDDEN ?.
    For more help about the Strategy or for some Tips ---> read PG2 STRATEGY / TIPS

    5) Save the Game :

    The Turn is finished (you press "end"), you need to Save the Game:

  • Use this Name for your Savegame ->  Name of Scenario + Your alias + Side + Turn played:

  • ex: KlinStefGer04 -> Turn 4 with Stef playing as German in Scenario Klin .

    HEY! Where do i find the number of the turn in PG2?

    First click here and here
    Click on this picture to find the number of the turn
    Then look here
    Click on this picture to find the number of the turn

    6) Send the Turn :

    The turn is saved in your PG2 "Save" Folder, you need to send it to your opponent:
    PLEASE USE WINZIP to create a zip file with your Turn.
    Use this  Name for the Zip File : Name of Scenario + Your alias + Side + Turn played:
    ex: KlinStefGer04 and KlinStefRus04 (turns 4 played by Stef As German and Russian in scenario Klin)

    You can now attach the Zip File to the Email you will send to your opponent.
    Use this Name for the Email Title : Name of Scenario + Turn played --->  ex: Klin 04

    Managing the files with Winzip is easier and you got more safety when you send an Email with a Zip File attached.
    Do Not Forget to regularly delete the old turns when you add the new turns in the Zip File (Keep only the last 2 turns)

    7) Receive the Turn :

    You have just received the savegame (the turn) from your opponent (included in a Zip File):
    USE WINZIP to unzip the turn into your PG2 "Save" folder and memoryse the turn name.
    Now run PG2, choose the PBEM menu ("load") and select the savegame you have just received.
    Your password will be asked.

  • Be carefull, the password for Player 1 is only set after turn 2, and not turn 1-> this mean you may change it in turn 2.

  • BEFORE starting to play, use the "Replay" button to watch your opponent's moves and attacks (only the visibles ones)
    You can learn A LOT by watching the replay.
    Read the PG2 ALLOWED or FORBIDDEN Page for more details about the replay...
    HEY! Where do i find the "Replay" button in PG2 ?
    ------   Well click on this picture ------> 

    Click on this picture to find the replay button

    8) Register the Game :

    Both players have started to play at least one turn, you need to register the Games :
    Only ONE PLAYER need to REGISTER THE GAME and not BOTH Players.
    Go to this link : THE IWC STAR PAGE   ----> (Look at this picture)
    * Both Alias are needed (not the Real Names) and your password
    (the password used when you registered yourself at I.W.C. Club)
    * Name of game (ex: PG2), Name of Scenario and Rule Used (as comment).
    The Game will be updated immediately. Check the GIPS List (Look at this picture)
    If you got a problem, Email me PanzerStef

    Click on the picture to know where to register games and results

    9) Register the Result :
    The Game is finished...A Great Victory...or a Disaster.
    Well it's time to Register the Result . Usually the player who win will register the Result.
    Go to this link : THE IWC STAR PAGE
    The Same Infos as above (Game Registration) are needed + the Alias of the WINNER / LOSER.
    The Ladders will be updated immediately (The Ladder for the Game (ex: PG2) and the Group Ladder (SSI Stars))
    Check the Ladders and report me any problem / any questions you may have (PanzerStef)
    The Number of Points given depend on the Rule and the Ranks of the Players (more points when winning / losing versus a higher Rank Player, less points when winning / losing against a lower Rank Player).
    A Basic Victory worth 10 points (6 à 70 pts with bonus) and a basic Defeat 2 points (2 à 14 pts with bonus)
    Read The Rules for more details..

    Your first Email Games may be difficult...The Human is always (?) better than the Computer....
    DO NOT WORRY about Your First Results....with more Experience...Results will get Better....Good Luck.