Introduction :
Manolis Anguridakis is a new scenario designer from Greece.

"My name is Manolis Anguridakis and i am a student of Veterinary. I was born 30 years ago in the city of Salonicca (North of Greece) and I study-for the time being-in Italy. I started to play Panzer General 2 some years ago and i'm a fan of this game, as also a fan of all strategy games about WW2. I started creating my own scenarios only a few months ago, using the tools and informations that i've found all around Internet. I do hope some day to manage and create my own campaign, thow is necessary to work a lot on a project like this if you want to create a decent game. I always happily accept any suggestions and informations from other expert PG2 players and scenario builders."

Scenarios :

(1) "NARVIK" (V1.0) :
--> Historical scenario : the heroical-indeed-batlle of some elite german troops in Norway, against the allies, during the german invasion in Norway and its rich mineral resources.
Last updated : 07/12/99 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(2) "THE ISLAND OF CRETE" (V1.0) :
--> Historical scenario : the occupation of the greek island by the german paratroopers, on May 1941.
Last updated : 07/12/99 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(3) "ITALY VS GREECE " (V1.0) :
--> Historical scenario : the Italian attempt -on October 1940- to occupy Greece and the Greek counterattack who forced the fascists to retreat to Albania.
Last updated : 09/12/99 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(4) "OPERATION MARITA " (V1.1) :
--> Historical scenario : After the defeat of the Italian troops in Albania, Mussolini was forced to ask Hitler to help him with occupying Greece.
Last updated : 19/12/99 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(5) "EL ALAMEIN " (V1.0) :
--> Historical scenario : This was the last great battle in North Africa between the Axis and Allies forces.
Last updated : 19/12/99 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(6) "COUNTERATTACK " (V1.0):
--> Hypothetical scenario : A part of the German Army Group North, returning from the Soviet front engage a taff battle with the advanced Soviet Units near the Polish frontier, trying to establish a new defence advanced line.
Last updated : 22/12/99 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(7) "KURSK " (V1.0):
--> Historical scenario : Kursk (Zitadelle) was the largest tank battle of WW2 between Germany and Russia.
Last updated : 23/12/99 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(8) "SEDAN " (V1.0):
--> Historical scenario : The brilliant German victory against France, with the surprise attack trough the Ardenne's forest.
Last updated : 28/12/99 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(9) "SMOLENSK " (V1.0):
--> Historical scenario : The Germans attack the city of Smolensk, trying to open their way to Moscow.
Last updated : 02/01/2000 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(10) "IRONPACT " (V1.0) (NEW) :
--> Hypothetical scenario : The Hungarians-with a surprise attack-invade Romania near the Ukraine, willing to regulate once and for all, their discordances with their ancient enemys, the Romanians.
Last updated : 05/01/2000 (Oronzo new equipment required)

(11) "BERESINO " (V1.0) (NEW) :
--> Historical scenario : During the Soviet attack, the Germans retreat from the entire front.The city of Beresino-on the Dniepr river-must be defended till the end, until the last German soldier left the Russian territory.
Last updated : 10/01/2000 (Oronzo new equipment required)

Campaigns :
Only a project for the moment...

I am looking for people who can help testing (or creating) Some New PG2 Scenarios : email me PanzerStef