Introduction :
I have started to create Scenario in the first months of 1998 and quickly learnt how to create new things.
I studied the files and discovered how to add Leaders, Extra-Strenght or new units (ships).
I had to stop this work because of a new job. Now i come back using the Lasse Jensen Scenario Creator which is great.

My Personal Scenarios :
(1) "ONLY 2 GERMANS" (Version 2):
--> My first one, only based on one idea : Who will be the best with same units (Germans) and same prestige ?
--> Some leaders and units with Extra-Power and Experience Points..
Last updated : 27/04/98 (Best for 2 players) (new equipment NOT required)

(2) "WARSHIPS" (Version 2):
--> A NAVAL Battle (YES) between the Kriegsmarine (and Italian Fleet) and the Royal Navy (and French Fleet).
--> Sunk the ennemy carrier. Some New Naval Units involved on this scenario.
Last updated : 27/04/98 (Best for 2 Players) (new equipment NOT required)

(3) "CONQUER USA" (Version 1 beta)
--> The Scenario Savannah modified ..only beta for the moment..
Last updated : 20/03/98 (Best for 1 Player : German)

(4) "FRENCH TIGER " (Version 1.2 )
--> a Mission-like Scenario for 3 US Commandos (with support from French Resistance and 2 destroyers)
Primary Objective    : Find the new Tiger Tanks Prototypes, Steal them and Escape with them in South.
Secondary Objective : Steal the Tanks Plans in East Airport.
Auxilliary Objective  : Rescue 3 French Pilots and steal their Fighters to gain Air Support.
--> Include : Leaders, Reinforcements, Ships, Fortifications, Real Experience points, Retrenchment...
Last updated : 07/07/99 (Best for 1 Player : French/US)

(5) "CAGE THE BEAR 2000 " (Version 2) UPDATED
--> a Modified version of the SSI scenario "Cage The Bear", only available with German PG2. The game is more balanced and tested in my PG2 tournament. This scenario allow you to play with powerfull units (Ger PantherII, US M29, UK Centurion vs Russian IS3). This is the new version called "Cage The Bear 2000", more balanced than "Cage Bear 99).
Last updated : 01/02/2000 (Best for 2 Players)

(6) "BISMARCK" (Version 0 Project)
--> The End of the Bismarck, my prefered WW2 Battleship. Only a project at this time.
Some Submarines should be provided in next Waffen PG2 Equipement : i will surely start

I am looking for people who can help me testing Some New PG2 Scenarios : email me PanzerStef