Questions Answers
What is it ? Advertisers pay ALL ADVANTAGE to show ads to its members, and ALL ADVANTAGE pay its members for watching the ads (a really NEW system that can make you liking ads!)
Ads ? Ads = Advertising = Publicity... about the sames that appear on TV, except they don't appear in Full Screen but only in a small banner...Click here to see a picture of my screen when using Alladv (1024*768)
How to
Join ?
They asked only YOUR EMAIL ADRESS, NAME and ADRESS (used to send you the cheque) !!!
Click Here to join and please use my AllAdv Number (DYH 399) as referal number...
It is Legal ? YES, this is NOT a pyramidal system... you join for free, you download & install the viewbar and you started earning money when surfing... like more than 8 MILLION PEOPLES all around the world !
How it works? Each time you are online (and ACTIVE), the viewbar display ads. You have nothing to do :
YOU DON'T HAVE TO CLICK ON ADS! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO WATCH THE ADS ! YOU JUST NEED TO BE ACTIVE ONLINE (using navigator : typing urls, clicking on links, scroll... ). Easy, no?
Viewbar ? This is a small banner (on top or bottom of your screen) which display ads when you are active online. A green dot tell you when the system works...a red dot tell you when the sytem is not working (you are probably inactive, offline, not using navigator...) You can turn the viewbar off/on when you want...
How much ? 0.5 $US every hour (25 hours max per month,later 40) but you can get more if your friends join, using your AllAdv Number as referer (mine is DYH 399). Expect additional 20% for each friend (referals)! Not enough to become rich (unless you have many friends) but enough to pay back your internet charges...
Referer / Referals ? All members are payed the same for their time surfing, but you can get more with your friends (if they register using your Alladv number as referer). Expect +20% for each direct friends and +10% for extended friends (if they register using the Alladv number of one of your friends). So tell this to your friends... You can have only 1 referer but as many friends/referals (direct or extended) as you want/can ...
Payment ? You are paid with Cheque in your local currency (no conversion fees!). Cheques are sent when your account (checked every month) exceed minimum (25 US $). Cheques require 6-8 weeks to be received...
Where it works ? It started in USA in Summer 1999 but it is now working in many countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK...) Check AllAdv site for exact list
What's the bad thing? The View Bar collect informations where you are online, especially the sites you visit... this is used to create a user profile, so the view bar will show ads that interests you (i guess that if you visit sports sites, you are supposed to see more "Sport" ads...). This should be interesting to avoid ads without interest...
Privacy ? Your privacy is respected : Your user profile is not sold to advertisers so they can't join you directly (i received NO emails/mails/phones calls from advertisers ... nothing except a CHEQUE !!!
Why do I tell you that ? First, because you can also benefit from that great system... Second because i will receive more money (+20%) if you use my Alladv Number as Referer (you lost nothing!)... You should do the same and try to convince your friends to use that system, before someone else do it...
Does it works? YES!!!, i started on January and I HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED MY FIRST CHEQUE !!!
Ask me for a scan of my cheque if you still doubt !!!
System ? Windows 95/98/2000, IE4 or Netscape 4 (or Mac), 800-600 Screen (or better), modem & internet access
How to quit ? Very easy but i doubt you want to quit ! Just be sure to read all rules (mostly The ANTI-SPAM POLICY)
Other bars ? Yes, you can find some others systems but ALL Advantage is the first, the most serious (no need to click or register with personal infos) and the biggest ! but you can try using 2 differents systems for more money...
  SO DON'T WAIT, JOIN ALL ADVANTAGE NOW (using my number DYH399)