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Plan of the Site

  • PANZER GENERAL 2 is also known as OPERATION PANZER (French version) or PANZER GENERAL 3D (German version)
  • This site is designed for all PG2 Players, either NEW or VETERAN, NOVICE or EXPERT .
  • The Computer is really NO GOOD....try playing against a REAL OPPONENT....try PBEM IWC CLUB.
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    Click here for  : New Scenarios, New Campaigns, New Equipments, New Maps... click here for the Suggested PG2 SCENARIOS SETTINGS  (including Detailed Strategy). Click here for the PG2 Links, Clubs Links ( Screen Captures)
    Click here for more about the IWC Club (SSI STARS section) Click here for the PBEM FAIR PLAY Rules : What is allowed and what is forbidden. Click here for the PG2 Strategy  Advices
    Click here to learn the PG2 Technical Informations (version, language...) and the BUGS. Click here for usual questions (problems, bugs, overrun, leaders..) and the answers Click here if you want help me with this site.

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