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14/04/2000 New Stuff 1 New Campaigns : Finnish (demo),
1 Campaign tested (Polish campaign)
04/04/2000 New Stuff 6 New Campaigns : Finnish (demo), Alexander Nevsky (Demo), British Western, Legions of Duce, Winter War & Red Menace.
1 Campaign tested (Das Deutsche MarineKorps)
01/04/2000 Best Links All PG2 Links checked (all sites updated during last month are highlighted with "UPDATED")
Check the PG2 TOP SITES and Other PG2 links...
15/03/2000 VARIOUS Lots of minor updates this month and new design for many webpages (ex : windsor43) . I deleted my Forum because even myself was not using it ! Check the other forums (links)...
08/02/2000 Scenario Settings Original Scenario Detailed information page updated : Windsor 43, with new settings 250 : 075.
06/02/2000 New Stuff 1 new scenario from me : I have updated the scenario Cage The Bear (after testing it in my tournament). Here is the new version, more balanced for pbem : Cage The Bear 2000.
01/02/2000 Best Links All PG2 Links checked (all sites updated during last month are highlighted with UPDATED)
2 New Sites : WWW.PanzerGeneral.deu and Adler PG2 site.
10/01/2000 New Stuff 2 new scenarios from Manolis Anguridakis who seem to be very active (Oronzo Equipement needed) : Iron Pact and Beresino.
05/01/2000 Best Links All PG2 Links checked (all sites updated during last month are highlighted with UPDATED)
New PG2 forum : VWaffenkammer Forum.
02/01/2000 New Stuff 4 new scenarios from Manolis Anguridakis (Oronzo Equipement needed) : Smolensk, Sedan, Kursk and Counter Attack.
02/01/2000 PG3D A new tip for PG3D : You can play multiplayer games (2, 3 or 4 players) against computer...
20/12/99 New Stuff 2 more scenarios from Manolis Anguridakis (Oronzo Equipement needed) : Operation Marita & El Alamein
16/12/99 New Stuff You can now try the first 3 scenarios of Manolis Anguridakis (Oronzo Equipement needed).
08/12/99 PG3D A major update on the PG3D section (new tips, version, patches, scenario,..). My opinion (getting down) after playing a lot with PG3D...
07/12/99 New Stuff A new Scenario creator will join soon :
Manolis Anguridakis
2 New Campaigns (7 PanzerArmee and Greek (demo))
06/12/99 Best Links PG2 Links checked (sites updates highlighted)
New PG2 links : Vypuero and PG2 Eqpt Reports.
24/11/99 New Stuff I have modified the SSi Scenario "Cage the Bear" (only available with german PG2) for a more balanced game...check "CageTheBear99"...
23/11/99 Best Links 2 new PG2 Sites with "Amazing Hauptquartier" and "Steve PG2 Page", about campaigns...
Lasse Jensen from Builders Paradise is back..
20/11/99 New Stuff 3 New Campaigns (East Front , British Western Desert (Demo) and Crusade in the East
04/11/99 Best Links All PG2 Links checked (5 new scenarios from SSi for PG3D)
New PG2 link : Parker PG2 Tactics Site
Forums: 1 new Forum with Delphi PG2 Forum
20/10/99 PG3D I have decided to open a new section for the new SSI Game : Panzer General 3D Assault.
Read the Technical Infos, my Review (comparison PG2-PG3D,+,-) and the Strategy Page for the first advices.
10/10/99 Best Links All PG2 Links checked (Herr General has opened his new site with a totally new Design)
Forums: 1 new Forums with Oronzo Forum.
October New Games Not many updates recently....because i am playing with Panzer Commander and Panzer General 3D Assault
23/09/99 Fair Play Rules The FAIR-PLAY Rules are now available in German. Thanks to Alfred (Al Kaboom) from Battle Group Page for thee translation.
23/09/99 New Stuff 3 Campaigns tested (Spanish (short), Free French (short)& WaffenSS (long)
Check the review, rate, description,.... and my result. Download the campaigns (available in 3 versions)
3 New Campaigns under test (Blitzkrieg!, Das Deutsche Marinekorps ,Operation Barbarossa - The Ostfront )
17/09/99 New Stuff Download the main PG2 Custom Editors (to create scenario, campaigns, maps, check settings, multi pbem..)
17/09/99 Questions -> Answers New section added : Campaigns (Deploy problems in Novgorod, Malta)
"How to check settings" updated (thanks to  Lasse Email Checker)
+ other updates (install campaign, install equipement, units as bridges)
06/09/99 Best Links All PG2 Links checked (Herr General is working on a new Design)
New section added : Forums, starting with 4 Forums.
3 links added in PG2 Site Links : (Traveler PG2 Site, BattleGroup Page and French PG2 Site)
2 links added in Various links ( and InternetGames) as Strategy Resource Center.
06/09/99 New Stuff 2 New Equipment added (Oronzo and ambitious Waffenkammer 2.0: new countries (Japan, China...), submarines,...)
There is now 4 differents equipments available..
06/09/99 New Stuff I have started to work on the Campaigns Review...
12 new campaigns for the moment..available for download and currently being under test...
06/09/99 New Stuff Visit (and download) the 1999 Custom Scenarios Review : some original scenarios modified for better balanced games, some great scenarios with new maps or lots of modifs (leaders, reinforcements, entrenchement; overstrengh..)
There is now around 200 new scenarios available for download !
06/09/99 Scenario Settings Some scenarios strategy and settings updated : Volokolasmk, Saturn on the Chir
AUGUST VARIOUS Month for holidays and PG2 work : Major update scheduled for 01/09/99
10/08/99 ECLIPSE The day where the Eclipse should be FULL in France (if weather is fine) is Tomorrow !
Some peoples fear about Apocalypse during the Eclipse...but not me, i have to finish the 99 Scenarios review...
25/07/99 New Stuff You can now look at the 1998 Custom Scenarios Review (Comments, Interest, Category, various...) of all (?) new scenarios made in 1998 (about 100). A lot of scenario created this year and some interesting scenarios but nothing new!
I am now working on the 1999 Review, which should be much more interesting with new maps....
23/07/99 Scenario Settings New design for the Scenario Settings page..and more scenarios spotted for Compatibility bug....look at the Technical Section to solve this bug (for french PG2).
16/07/99 Best Links 2 new PG2 Links with "Oronzo PG2" and "Waffenkammer", both about new scenarios, equipment and more..+1 PG link
15/07/99 New Stuff My New PG2 Custom Scenario : "FRENCH TIGER" UPDATED TO VERSION 1.2
US Commandos modified into Paratroops (with sea transports) can now choose the Sea way or the Air Way.
Several others changes (1 more hex to capture and hold, 1 german infantry in harbour, better use of ships...)
11/07/99 Technical Infos/Bugs With the help of Kovi and Podzi, i have found a new way to solve the compatibility problem (between French PG2 and US/UK PG2)..the problem was accentuation in names of scenarios. I have updated these french Files..
If you have the French PG2, download this and unzip to "Scenario" Folder, now your opponent will be able to open your game But there is still some problems with replay which may crash..i am still studying this...
08/07/99 Best Links All sites checked and updated...A bad news with the final update of Lasse Jensen Builders Paradise Site.
Added a link to the Official Panzer General 3 Site where you can....
DOWNLOAD THE PLAYABLE DEMO OF PG3 (30Mo for a 5 turns scenario)
A totally different game with new Features : 3D Maps and units, more leaders..and probably no PBEM Support!
04/07/99 Technical Infos/Bugs SSi changed its support page, so i had to change the Links for PG2 Version 1.02 Patch (directly to FTP).
Also some minor updates on several pages....
21/06/99 Index Page You can now post (and read) some message on the PANZERSTEF PG2 FORUM.
If you have a problem or a question, this forum is for you....
19/06/99 New Stuff Download my New PG2 Custom Scenario : "FRENCH TIGER V1.1", a delicate mission.
3 US Commandos help french Resistance to steal some Tigers Prototypes. Find the tigers and escape...
This scenario include all the features available with scenario Editor (Leaders, Reinforcements, Fortifications, Ships, Retrenchment, experience points...and a surprise!)..Please read the DOC file included in zip file.
Do you think you can make this mission a success?
15/06/99 New Stuff You can now look at the 1997 Custom Scenarios Review (Comments, Interest, Category, various...) of all (?) new scenarios made in 1997 (26). Only PG2 Editor was available, with lot of limitations...but still some interesting scenarios.
I am now working on the 1998 Review, which should be longer....
12/06/99 Fair Play Rules You can now read the PBEM Fair-Play Rules (what is allowed and what is forbidden) in English, French, Spanish (Translation by Desert Tortoise) and Italian (Translation by Vito and Vector)..Soon in German.
06/06/99 New Stuff Still working on the New Scenarios Complete List....lot of work...
Minor updates on several pages.
02/06/99 Best Links All sites links added..
Added 'DEAD' for the sites no more updated.
01/06/99 New Stuff I am starting to study New PG2 Custom Scenarios (to find good ones) and New Campaigns. I am looking for players that would help me testing these new scenarios.
Email me, PanzerStef
28/05/99 Scenario Settings I added a RATE for every PG2 Original Scenario :(0 = Not interesting at all !)
* = Not really interesting, probably not well balanced, one side being too strong
** = Interesting, more balanced, try to play this scenario
*** = Really Interesting, well balanced, both sides can win, don't miss this scenario
27/05/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Thermopylae, Windsor 40, Windsor 43 
25/05/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Saturn on the Chir, StLo Operation Cobra, Suomussalmi
23/05/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added :  Metz, Operation Konrad, Salerno
18/05/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added :  Dessau, Drive To The Sea, Malta
15/05/99 Index Page Design modified...other languages (French) can be used only in some sections..
If you can translate Fair-Play rules in others languages (Spanish, German...) tell me.
12/05/99 New Stuff Download the scenario "CAGE THE BEAR", made by SSI !
10/05/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Caen Charnwood, Caen Goodwood, Cage The Bear
07/05/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Volokolasmk, Winter Storm, Invasion Salerno 
05/05/99 Index Page A new design for the English Index Page with some icons...
04/05/99 Best Links All sites checked...minor changes...
03/05/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added :  Klin, Avalanche, Madrid offensive
29/04/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Tobruk, Pursuit To Tobruk, Cauldron
26/04/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Savannah, Oakridge, Lillehammer
24/04/99 Index Page Some of you asked for a it is..please retry if it does not work.
Minor Changes on several webpages...
23/04/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Kichinev, Viipuri, Zitadelle
22/04/99 Scenario Settings New Design for Detailed Scenarios + Weather, Air Infos, Victory Conditions..
19/04/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Leningrad, Red Tide Rising, Novgorod
14/04/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Arracourt, Ciechanow, Prokorovka
10/04/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Seelow Heights, Race Dunkirk, Sedan
07/04/99 Scenario Settings Some Detailed Original Scenarios added : Advance On St Lo, Kanev, Nordwind
06/04/99 New Stuff Some minor modifs and my PG2 scenarios available...
05/04/99 Best Links More reviews, Authors Email Address..
03/04/99 Allowed or Forbidden Other Bugs , Leaders added...
02/04/99 Questions -> Answers New Questions added (Leaders, Checking Settings, Overrun..)
31/03/99 Best Links All sites checked. No review for some yet...
30/03/99 New Stuff Section opened...New Scenario advices, infos about New Maps...
29/03/99 Strategy / Tips Section opened...Campaigns Advices, General Tips, Nordwind Scenario..
28/03/99 Questions -> Answers Section opened...You may ask me have answers...
27/03/99 Want to help ? Section opened... I need you help...if you want to help, read this...
26/03/99 Best Links Section opened... Some links (PG2 , Clubs..) collected, lots not checked...
25/03/99 Scenario Settings Section opened... The PG2 Scenario Settings from Rugged Defense + mine.
24/03/99 Allowed or Forbidden Section opened... READ THIS CAREFULLY.
23/03/99 "I.W.C." CLUB Section opened... How to play a PG2 game at Club IWC.
22/03/99 Technical Infos/Bugs Section opened... Password bug, Compatibility Bug, Version, Language...
20/03/99 Index Page The index Page is now working.
15/03/99 Index Page The PanzerStef PG2 Site is on the NET.