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1) Language :
There is 4 differents versions for the moment : American (USA), English (UK), French (Fr), German (Ger)
If you know more versions, please report me the language and exact name

2) Version :
The version number is on the lower left corner on the PG3D menu page.
To this date, you can read only V1.0 or V1.01 (a patch is available for some minor corrections)

US Patch 1.01
UK Patch 1.01
FR Patch 1.01
GER Patch 1.01

3) Requirement:
Here is the list of requirement in order to be able to play PG3D Assault (from SSi):
  • Pentium 233 Mhz or better
  • 2D/3D 8Mo VideoCard or better
  • 64 Mo of memory or better
  • 250 Mo of free space on Hard Drive
  • Windows 95/98
  • DirectX 6.1 or better
  • 28800 modem or better (for Online Games)

  • 4) Bugs :
    No big bugs reported for the moment. No problem for me to play PG3D Scenario and campaigns
    The Online mode is not working with my French Version 1.0 !!! My only opponent is Computer !
    At least, all PBEM (Play by Email) bugs have been solved : There is NO PBEM Support in PG3D ! Thanks SSI !

    5) New Scenarios :
    SSI has released 5 new scenarios , 2 for single players games, 3 for multiplayers games.