The First Advices / Tips :
You need to click on "Multiplayer" then on 'TCP/IP game", then "Host Game" : Choose the number of players (2, 3 or 4 : the computer will play 1,2 or 3 player) and give a name to the game then valid. Choose a scenario on the list and click on the "?" to assign the players to the sides. When this is done, you can valid and play... the computer can play your ally !


You need recon units (1-2) to spot ennemy units. You need some bombers (2) and artys (3-4) to hurt the computer units. Then you need some tanks (2-4) (or strong recon) to finish the units (with tank overun ability). Your flaks (1-2) will protect ground units and shoot down all computer planes. Use some infantries (2) as paratroops, tank support (in cities), or to protect the victory hexes. You can expect using about 12-15 units in your army.


Fighters are useless. Your bombers can move, attack and move back to safety. Flaks will protect ground units very well from Computer fighters, which always move above your Flaks.

(02) Bombers are good to kill/suppress ennemy units. Be carefull for Air Defenses (range hard to know) and be sure to move back after attack.

(03) Air Defenses are great : they can be used for both Air-Protection and ground attack. Use them (especially the great german 88mm) instead of AT units. First Medal give them +1 fire range.

(04) Recon units do not spot every units when they move : be sure to use the "patrol" basic order for an accurate recon.

(05) Tanks have the great ability to overrun weak units : This cost no order (when combat prediction is 0 for you and all remaining points for ennemy). Tanks also have large move range (up to 16 hexes)

(06) Infantry can help tanks when attacking ennemy infantry in cities or forest . Put them close to ennemy to get benefit of infantry support. First medal is interesting as infantrys always attack as in clos
e combat. Protect your own hex!

(07) Artys seem to be much more powerfull than in PG2. Use them before any attack. Suppression (and kills) will help you a lot. No units (even stronger tanks) can attacks if 2 artys use support fire ! Computer like to attack your artys.

(08) Anti-tanks are NOT the most interesting units. Tanks are better with the overrun ability. Air defense units can be used also as anti-tanks units.


(01) Don't use too many High-leaders (more than 4 or 7 promotions). Use some "less than 5 or 8 promotions" leaders to get more units in the first scenarios.

(02) Reserve Fire is usefull to damage ennemy units who may want to attack you. You will fire first if ennemy attack you : Just save one order.

(03) Repair units : Always repair your units before attacking : this will cost you nothing and damaged units will get back all their moves/attacks abilities.

(04) Ennemy units damaged : If you can't destroy some units, be sure to let one of your units near the damaged ennemy units to prevent them from repairing.

(05) Primary and secondary hexes will give you events (new leader, equipement, prototype, promotion, replacements, , stolen unit, newspaper article?,...)

(06) Army should be entirely rebuilded for better results : you can delete your army by clicking on the trumpet in headquarters screen.

(07) Check Options (fewer polygons) and put the "fog of war" off (to be able to see ennemy leaders stats and number of remaining orders)

(08) Save 1 slot so you can restart from last turn and buy a new unit if needed. And your units can change level (1-3) during the battle.