1) The 10 Most Common Advices / Tips :

(1) Same Password (Do not choose your name) should be used for all your Email Games...
--> just to be sure to not forget it...
(2) Turn ON the Hex Grid to avoid clicking on a bad hex..
--> so you may avoid to use the "Undo Move" button (especially in Email Games)
(3) Victory for Attacking Player is only achieved when All Enemy Objectives have been captured.
--> But Victory for Defending Player may be achieved by capturing Only One Ennemy Objective (ex Sedan...)..
(4) No Prestige Points are given for Re-Capturing cities.
--> Only capture cities that were ennemy's possession at the start of the game.
(5) Refueling is slower with enemy nearby, if in desert or under bad weather and impossible with 3 enemy units around.
--> Don't refuel a unit you want to will get refueled when repaired.
(6) Multiple Attacks are to be used because a unit lose 2 Ground Defense Points for each attack in the same turn.
--> Even a TigerII can't resist multiple attacks.
(7) Leaders may really help you but some give you more help than others ! They have 2 abilities : 
--> First one depend only on the unit's category, Second one is randomly decided  --> List of Leaders Abilities here.
(8) Tanks are Kings in Open Battlefield but Vulnerable in Cities, Forests, Mountains.. against Infantry.
--> The Defense used in Cities, Forests, Montains... is not "Ground Defense" but "Close Defense".
(9) Tanks are your Key Units. Protect them from Ennemy Tanks with infantries and Artillery Support.
--> You need to always attack First (Attacker or Defender). Be Agressive and Protect your tanks.
(0) Tanks have the great ability to Overrun weak unit(s) (cost 1 munition per unit overrun) and continue to Move / Fire..
--> a bug allow a Tank to move, overrun unit(s), fire (before moving) and REGAIN all Mouvements Points (MP).
--> Restriction : First move Limited (2 MP to be saved). No move between Overrun and Fire.

2) Campaigns Advices / Tips :

German Blitzkrieg Campaign:
Look at the picture (on the right side ->) for the different scenarios depending on your results...

Big Challenge :
Try to play a campaign with "O% prestige".
Click on the "100" Number (not on the arrows) and enter 0 (zero) with keyboard.
Every City / Airfield / Objective captured will give you 0 Prestige Points.
ALL the Prestige Points are given before each scenario. No more Prestige during the Battle.
->a very interesting and hard challenge..for experimented players.

Army :
 There is often 2 differents armies used by players in Campaign Games...
Lots of Tanks (no AT), few Heavy Infantries, Artys, Recon Units, some Bombers and Fighters..
Lots of Tanks (no AT), few Heavy Infantries, Artys, Recon Units, some Air defenses but No planes.
Both worked but i really prefer using planes and bombers!

The German Blitzkrieg Campaign

3) Scenario of the Month :

The round 5 for the IWC PG2 99 TOURNAMENT (with Me, PanzerStef as Tourney Master) is finished.
The scenario used for this Duel Game was PROKOROVKA.
The scenario used for the round 4 was SEDAN.
The scenario for Round 6 is RACE TO DUNKIRK.
So Email me about your strategy in Prokorovka Scenario:

For the moment, you may study this map...
Click here to see the Armies locations on turn 1 in Prokorovka.